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Dear Kate: 

I just wanted to say thank you so very much! We can’t thank you enough for your dedication and hard work in selling our beautiful horse Cappuchino.

The minute we drove up to your farm to interview you on selling our horse, I found it to be absolutely immaculate and beautiful. After talking to you, I realized how fortunate we were to have found you to sell our horse.

As you know, I was very nervous and skeptical because of my past experience with very dishonest agents/trainers. It was refreshing to experience your professionalism, dedication and honesty.

Kate you provided an honest and professional brokering and training service during the time you had her, which was only seven weeks. You fostered good relationships between all parties involved. Your integrity is unmatched in this industry and one of the many things, I admire about you. 

You were fully dedicated to finding the right home for her. I always felt that you had our best interest in mind, and I trusted you implicitly to make the right choices.

Kate rises above the competition with her honesty and integrity.  I value her opinion and truly enjoyed getting to know her.

You can trust Kate; she will get the job done! It was a great experience for all of us and you were such a pleasure to work with!

Thanks again for all your help!

Carlana and Nicolette

December /January 2013/2014


Dear Kate,

 I wanted to thank you for your time with our most recent horse purchase.  As you know, this is the third horse we’ve purchased through you and I have nothing but accolades to sing for you.  We all know the horse world can be tough to navigate, especially as a beginning horse purchaser.  You certainly have led us well through this process, and again for the third time, we were hugely successful in finding the perfect horse for our daughter.

 With our first horse we were brand new to the horse world and you led us directly to what we needed.  We thank you for this. We thank you as well as for steering us away from the horses we did not need.  And once again you have found us the perfect horse.

 We are truly grateful, not only for your time, but for your honesty in the process.  It is rare to find someone in the horse world who is willing to steer you away from a purchase when it’s not right for your child, even when there are commissions involved.   A true, heartfelt thank you for all you’ve done for us.


The Ennis Family


This note is overdue,
but I have been so busy enjoying the horse you sold me, that I haven't had time
to write! Rivano is a really great guy. I spent a year trying to find a fancy
reliable amatuer-owner horse to ride while my wonderful partner of 5 years,
Casino, healed from a torn ligament. Believe me, that was no easy
Bridget & Michael Imperto showed me one they thought might suit
me. When that did not work, they referred me to you with many kind words about
I went to your website, and that alone was enough to make me want
to see him. The picturse were beautifully done with all of his
I have been riding with "big" barns for 25 years. Your
entire operation was firstrate! I really could not fault
anything....cleanliness, friendliness, professionalism, the horse was turned out
beautifully....standing on a wash rack ready to go. All my questions were
answered openly and with honesty.
He vetted with NO problem. That was
January 2007. He then proceeded to receive ribbons in every 1st year green
conformation class at H.I.T.S., Ocala after being in the baby greens the year
before! I showed him in the Adult Hunters & received ribbons there. We plan
to move right on up the amateut-owner soon. I'm 55 years old, so time's a
wastin!! Thanks so much....



I bought my horse Hollister from Kate Wilson 3 years ago.  There could not have been a better match made for me.  I am madly in love with him.  I also have taken lessons with her for the past 3 years and my riding has improved  dramatically since riding with her.  Anytime I have a problem she hops on and fixes it not by force but by good riding.  Her barn is immaculate and the horses are well taken care of.  She is a  calm confident rider and I enjoy watching her riding on the flat and jumping those big jumps I can only dream of jumping.  She is very personable and always helpful no matter what question I might ask.  She never loses patience with me in our lessons and that has enabled me to ride better.  I'm glad to have her as my instructor. She has a great eye for horses and I would trust her to find me a horse again if the need arises.




Hi Kate, just a note to "Thank You" for arranging the purchase of "Duncan" aka: "Donnerkoenig".

 I must say that when Leslie (trainer), & I saw your add about Duncan we were not sure a trip from California to Florida was in order. We were very "hopeful" having spent the time & money to go, that he would be everything you said he was. This industry is so difficult because of the misrepresentation that runs rampant from stste to state.

 We were so excited to see that he was "for real". We were both very impressed  with your riding skills, horsemanship, cleanliness & most of all your professionalism. You are a "class act" and anyone considering purchasing a horse from you should be VERY confident that it will be what you represent it to be.

 Leslie and I made arrangements with several barns to see what was available in the area. We went to look at a 3' 6" horse in every barn. Interestingly enough, everyone else showed us something different. We had to "weed through" as they say, to really see what was there. You tacked up and immediately went to work over the bigger fences, not wasting our time and you showed us what he could do. We really appreciated that.

 Duncan is a "dream come true". Ever since I brought him home my friends and family call me weekly to find out if he is "still as good as when I bought him". I am so proud to say YES !!! He's awesome! He gets better every week. No regrets, and trust me I have had over many years of buying horses that "Oh my God I can't believe I bought this thing" feeliong. You are the best! Thanks you again for everything!

 We here in California will always refer business to you. It was well worth the trip to Florida....even in August!

 Thanks again, Karen Keyser & Duncan